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22 Oct How can companies promote themselves on the Internet?
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Today, you can open your own website on the Internet and run ads there, organize it. Buyers will come, somehow they will be converted, somehow they will learn about the products. For example, groups i..
08 Feb Stele
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The place for the stele "City of Labor Valor" was chosen by the residents of Tyumen in September 2021. It will appear near Nikolay Masharov Square in October 2022, the work on its installation and lan..
18 Dec Unified Internet platform
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Asingle Internet platform (service) will allow the self-employed to exhibit and sell goods and services of the Tyumen Region inside and outside the region without restrictions . In additio..
03 Apr Festival
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Conducting an ethnographic festival program in the fresh air for 2 days, full of master classes in archery, historical fencing, knife throwing , the history of weapons, the study and manufacture of ..
20 Apr About the All-Russian festival
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Vladimir Putin was told the idea of the team of the Masters of Hospitality competition about holding the All-Russian festival "Russia Inspires".The festival will be held in August 2022 and will bring ..
12 Jun Maryino Gorge: myths and reality
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From the history of the place The Maryino Gorge is located in the Isetsky district of the Tyumen region, 7 km northwest of the village of Minino, 4 km southeast of the village of Bortni..
17 Jan Quit your job and knit baskets: how to create a brand of eco home decor
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The Tyumen Hook Tmn project makes bags, hats and interior items out of jute and raffia. Tanya Tsesareva created a brand that managed to reach foreign customers in a year. Tanya told h..
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