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Agreement with experts

1.General provisions

1.1 This agreement is an addendum to the terms of use of the site

1.2 The People's Expert (hereinafter referred to as the "Expert") is an individual who has reached the age established by civil law, who purchases goods on the Buylocal online platform under certain conditions for an objective assessment of the goods or services.

2. Expert Registration

2.1 The expert has the right to evaluate goods and services, as well as leave feedback after Registering on the online platform «BuyLocal».

2.2 When registering, the credentials are specified, which the Expert chooses independently. After entering the data for registration, the Expert receives an e-mail to the e-mail address specified during registration, containing an active hyperlink. After verification by moderators, the Expert will be able to log into his personal account. Registration of an account entries are made to one e-mail address of the Expert once. Re-registration of a new account on the online platform using the email address previously specified during Registration is not allowed. The Expert can change the Credentials in the Personal Account on the online platform or, if necessary, in another way specified on the online platform "Buylocal".

2.3 The Expert is obliged to monitor the safety of his credentials and not disclose them to third parties. The expert is not entitled to transfer your credentials to third parties, as well as directly or indirectly allow third parties to use your Credentials for authorization on the Buylocal online platform, without exceptions.

2.4 Any action performed from the Expert's personal account using his credentials is considered an action performed by the Expert himself and establishes duties and responsibilities for the Expert in relation to such actions.

2.5 The Expert is obliged to immediately change the credentials if he has reason to suspect that these data were disclosed, may be used by unauthorized third parties or at the request of the online platform "Buylocal".

2.6 The online platform "Buylocal" has the right to use available technical solutions to verify the correctness information provided by the Expert when using the online platform "Buylocal". The online platform "Buylocal" cannot guarantee that the Expert is really who he appears to be, and also that the information provided by the Expert on the online platform "Buylocal" corresponds to reality.

2.7 "Buylocal" has the right to block the Expert's access to the Personal Account and also delete his review. Buylocal has the right to terminate and/or restrict the Expert's access to the Services at any time, as well as block or delete the Expert's account on the Site without the possibility of restoring it.

3. Information provided by experts

3.1 Within the framework of using the Buylocal online platform, the Expert undertakes to provide only reliable Information and is responsible for the information provided to them. The expert undertakes to update in a timely manner Information by editing it on the online platform "Buylocal". The online platform "Buylocal" has the right to request, and the Expert is obliged to provide, upon such request, documents and information necessary to determine The Expert as a party to the agreement and /or the party using the relevant Service, as well as documents confirming the accuracy of the Information provided and the legality of the use of the goods and / or services.

3.2 using Services online platforms "BuyLocal" (including when you sign up, interaction with other Users through the interface of the online platform "BuyLocal", placement reviews, browsing online platforms "BuyLocal", etc), Expert independently and voluntarily decides on the granting online platforms "BuyLocal" or free of personal and other information about the Expert (name, the name, given name or pseudonym of the Expert, email address, mobile phone number, photos and any other the information provided by the Expert, etc.) for the purpose of execution of the agreement, and hereby expresses its the consent to the processing of the online platform "BuyLocal", including for the purposes of: providing Advisory support the Experts in connection with the use of the Website, check the reviews on compliance with the agreement, obtaining statistical and analytical data to improve the functioning of the online platform "BuyLocal" and/or Services, expanding the range of Services provided, receiving information and/or advertising messages from the Buylocal online platform or third parties, preventing or suppressing illegal and/or unauthorized User actions or third parties, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Online platform Buylocal takes all necessary measures to protect the Expert's personal data from unauthorized access by third parties.

3.3 All information (regardless of whether such information by the legislation of the Russian Federation to personal data is subject to protection in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation or not) hosted by the Expert on the online platform "BuyLocal", placed them to value goods and services and accordingly, the Examiner places one or another information solely in their own interests, including facilitate communication with an Expert.

Placing on the online platform "BuyLocal" reviews, Expert makes the information specified in the advertisement publicly available and understands that the placed information is published on the online platform "BuyLocal" in the open access, that is available for inspection by any visitor to the online platform "BuyLocal" (unlimited circle individuals) in the territory of all countries of the world where it is possible to use the Internet and access the site, accordingly, the Expert understands and assumes all risks associated with such placement of information, including, including, but not limited to: the risk of e-mail addresses getting into spam mailing lists, the risk of e-mail addresses getting to various kinds of scammers, the risk of links to personal social networks and public sites getting to spammers and/or scammers and other risks arising from such information placement.

3.4 The online platform "Buylocal" is not obliged to carry out preliminary verification of information of any kind, posted and/or distributed by the Expert through the online platform "Buylocal". The Buylocal Online Platform has the right, at its discretion, to refuse to place and/or distribute any information to the Expert or to delete any information that the Expert posted on the Buylocal online platform. The Expert understands and agrees that he must independently assess all the risks associated with the placement and dissemination of any Information, including an assessment of the reliability, completeness or usefulness of such.

4. Obligations of the Expert

4.1 The Expert undertakes to act exclusively in accordance with the current legislation and the User Agreement of the Buylocal online platform, and also to bear full responsibility for his own actions and inaction on the Buylocal online platform and when using its Services in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.2 Any individual can be an expert:

  • registered in his name in social networks ( , , ,;
  • with at least 500 active subscribers in one of the social networks;
  • registered on the site TMNSHOP.RU (online platform "Buylocal");
  • who has assumed the obligations of unconditional compliance with this agreement, the offer and the terms of use of the site;
  • received the necessary identification data to receive the services of the online platform "Buylocal".

4.3 If the Expert does not agree with any of the provisions of the Agreement, he is not entitled to use the services of the online platform "Buylocal".

4.4 Expert, obliged

  • visit the production, offices, establishments, trade pavilions and other premises and buildings of the Seller;
  • take photos and videos of such visits, by prior agreement with the Seller;
  • evaluate (taking into account clause 4.5) the goods and services posted on the Buylocal online platform, with the right purchases on the terms established by the Seller;
  • write a full-fledged review (taking into account clause 4.5) in the card of the evaluated product/service on the online platform "Buylocal";
  • make a repost from each product/service card after writing a review in a social network with an attachment to the repost of your reviews, photos/fideo of the material;
  • do not delete reposts from social networks for at least two calendar months.
  • write only one unique review. Submitting an identical review to another product or service is prohibited.

4.5 When evaluating goods and services, as well as when writing reviews, the following should be taken into account:

4.5.1 Characteristics

Significant differences between goods and services lead to the fact that certain characteristics are used in their evaluation and description . Goods are usually evaluated on quantitative and qualitative grounds. Qualitative classification of products is carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Assortment characteristics. It is customary to refer goods to certain groups in accordance with their purpose and functional features.
  • Cost characteristics. The price of a product consists of several components and is a criterion for its evaluation by consumers and entrepreneurs. This parameter allows you to assign the product to a certain cost group: economy segment, premium segment or luxury. The quantitative characteristics of the product include dimensional and mass characteristics (length, volume, etc.), strength, packaging.

There are also consumer characteristics of the product, such as brand, image, fame, a set of criteria for evaluating the product by the buyer: reliability, durability, efficiency, and others.

Assessing the consumer properties of services, it should be noted its unique characteristics, these include:

  • Intangibility. It cannot be felt, you can only see its results. At the same time, immateriality does not allow you to establish ownership of the service, you can buy the result, but not the source.
  • Non-persistence. Services cannot be accumulated or stored for the future, but their results can satisfy needs for a very long time, when they themselves no longer appear.
  • Inconstancy of quality. The authority or qualification of the service provider cannot be a guarantee of a good service, besides the assessment of its quality may differ between the parties to the contract. For example, nail design may seem high-quality to the master, but the client does not like it.
  • Inseparability from the service provider and the consumer. The provision of a service and its consumption most often coincide in time and they cannot occur without the participation of both parties to the contract. So, a hairdresser cannot provide a service to an absent person a person.

4.5.2 Consumer properties of goods:

The consumer properties of the products are evaluated by the buyer according to the following parameters:

  • Product category. The buyer, wishing to satisfy his need, at the first stage is determined with the general product category. For example, he needs a computer to work. He will choose between a stationary device, with a laptop or tablet, while he will have a large list of comparison of these options. The type of product here plays a decisive role in the direction of further information search. Also, the "category" parameter includes the choice of brand. So, when buying salt, the consumer rarely thinks about its manufacturer, and when purchasing a computer, the question of the brand it becomes much more significant.
  • Price. An important parameter that is associated not only with the resources of the consumer, but also with his status, guarantee qualities.
  • Functional characteristics. The consumer always considers the purchase in relation to their needs: how fully and economically this product can satisfy this need. And the more complex the complex of needs, the longer the service life of the product, and the higher the price, the greater the list of functional criteria.
  • The pleasure of shopping. Usually, the consumer does not realize that he is striving not just to purchase a product, but to extract emotional satisfaction from this process. The pleasure of the purchase and the result is very important criteria. So, buying shoes in a beautiful, fashionable store, a girl experiences emotional satisfaction from the service and the environment, and later she will be pleased to tell others about where she bought them. And here buying the same shoes on the market most often does not bring any pleasure, except for a pleasant price.
  • Quality. The most complex criterion that the consumer evaluates comprehensively, together with the previous parameters, focusing on objective indicators that are accepted in commodity science.

4.5.3 Consumer properties of services

Describing the consumer properties of the service from the point of view of the consumer's choice, it should be said that in this case, in many respects, he applies the same criteria as when evaluating the product. This is prestige, price, category, and pleasure. However, the specific characteristics of the service make him think about special properties. These include the image of the service provider, past experience (own and/or reference groups), possible consequences of receiving a high- quality or low-quality service.

It is customary to distinguish such consumer properties of the services provided:

  • Reliability. The service is evaluated by the stability of the result, which is resistant to external interference and circumstances.
  • Functionalism. The service must meet the needs, preferably in relation to their whole complex.
  • The reputation of the company providing the service. This parameter also includes professional training of personnel firms, and the availability of the necessary high-quality equipment, and compliance with sanitary requirements and norms safety.

4.5.4 Classification of consumer properties

Distinguishing the types of consumer properties of goods and services are based on the following factors:

  • Ergonomic. It is important for a product or service to be convenient and pleasant to use. Packaging and equipment must take into account the physiology and physical parameters of the buyer. Also, the consumer should experience psychological comfort when using the product and when receiving the service.
  • Functional. Goods and services must meet certain needs. The most common of them are they are physiological and social. Goods and services must be energetically and biologically valuable, and they must also have socially significant properties that are evaluated through appearance, qualification purpose, and the ability to comprehensively meet various needs.
  • Aesthetic. The product or service must satisfy the buyer's need for beauty.
  • Reliability. It is important for the consumer that the product or service retains its functional purpose and ability meet the needs for a long time. Reliability as a product characteristic includes the following indicators such as durability, persistence, maintainability, reliability.

4.5.5 The concept of quality of goods and services

It is necessary to evaluate consumer properties of goods and services in order to determine their quality and compliance cost. This concept is interpreted differently by specialists and consumers. For the first, the quality of the product is quantitative indicators of consumer properties that provide satisfaction of needs and are objective parameters. For the latter, quality is often a subjective, even philosophical category. Consumers often they evaluate quality through their expectations and perceptions. Quality indicators are the following properties and characteristics of goods and services:

  • Appearance. For a product, these are the features of the packaging or the product itself. For a service, this is the type of staff and the place of its provision.(furniture and appearance of premises, equipment, appearance of personnel, clarity of information materials).
  • Functional characteristics.
  • Reliability and durability (the ability to provide the service at the promised level, qualitatively from the first time, the ability to provide the service on time, without errors).
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • The degree of accessibility (convenience of location, ease of access to the service and ease of use, the ability to quickly communicate with the dispatcher if a problem occurs).
  • Trust (the reputation of the service provider, his honesty, the availability of a guarantee for his work).
  • Understanding of the client's problems (the ability to enter into the client's position, to delve into non-standard financial problems, adjust to a client-friendly schedule, willingness to take into account the characteristics of regular customers).
  • Security (no danger, risk or doubt, for example, is it safe to use this ATM in the dark time of the day, how safe the materials and technologies used are).
  • The competence of the staff (whether the staff has the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the service, professionalism of actions and decisions).
  • The level of communication (the ability to listen to the client and convey information to him in a language accessible to him, readiness avoid professional jargon, listen to the client in case of a complaint, notify the client about changes related to the nature of the work).
  • The reaction speed of employees (the desire to help the client and serve as quickly as possible, the willingness to provide services at a time convenient for the client).
  • Courtesy of the staff (courtesy, courtesy, attentiveness and friendliness of the staff).

It is customary to classify indicators of the quality of goods and services according to such characteristics as purpose, reliability, aesthetics, ergonomics, environmental friendliness and safety. To assess the quality of service, additional indicators are introduced, such as the number of equipment for the provision of services, the features of the maintenance process and its compliance with technological standards, duration and reliability of service results, informing the client about the specifics of the service provision process.

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