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for sole proprietors and legal entities
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Why us?

We are one platform for everyone. No need to remember a bunch of services, use one.
All on one site.
Find a performer nearby
Complete freedom in making a deal
Maximum income
All transactions without commission
The whole world
Become the best in the region and around the world
All performers are checked for the official status
Rates from 75 to 150 rubles per month.

Why self-employment?

Registration via the Internet
You can start working from the age of 14
Favorable tax rates
4% of income from individuals
6% of income from legal entities and sole proprietors
Legal work without the status of sole proprietor
Tax deduction up to 10,000 rubles.
Combining with work
under an employment contract
Automatic tax calculation
The receipt is generated in the "My Tax" application
Absence of reports and declarations
You can not pay insurance premiums

Important questions

Since January 1, 2019, a tax on professional income — NAP - has been in effect in Russia. It was introduced to bring out of the shadows those who work for themselves and do not pay taxes.

The new regime reduces the tax burden, there are no insurance premiums and there is almost no need to submit reports. Individuals and sole proprietors with an annual income of up to 2.4 million rubles can switch to it.

Self-employed is not just a freelancer. This is an entrepreneur who works in white. The risk of being deceived is minimal. And if it does happen, you always know who to complain about. Anonymity is excluded here: all performers are checked and work officially.

You can pay with a card using the link that the performer sends. And you can transfer cash into your hands, transfer it to a card, an electronic wallet or a mobile number. In the first case, the receipt will be sent to you automatically after payment. In the second case - when the contractor closes the transaction manually.

There is no approved invoice form. Each self-employed person can develop a standard invoice form, including all the necessary details.
- Seller's INN
- Full name of the self-employed
- contact details (address, phone number);
- - the name of the legal entity of the buyer and his TIN
- number and date of issue
- name of the service or product
- cost per unit of measurement and total amount
- other information (delivery dates, invoice validity period and other notes).
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