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Website Directory
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The composition of the site Transfer of the source code;Site management system;SEO standards;Adaptive;Client's personal account;Analytic;Online consultant;Guarantee;24/7 support; Free consultations;Customer loyalty system;Gift certificates;Marketing tools;Partner system;Coupons;E-mail newsletter;Product analytics;Timer;Quantitative discounts;Different prices for different groups of customers;The system of accumulation of points for purchases
Website Directory
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Description of a more functional site that can solve more problems. Can be redone from a simple site.

Your company's website is your face on the Internet. This is where your customers will be able to get comprehensive information about your activities. Instead of having to talk long about all the details, you can do it once on the site and give your address.

This will instantly cause trust on the part of the client that you are a serious organization. The site is a very good platform to attract new customers. Your site can be placed in the largest search engine of Google ( and Yandex ( It is completely free and very simple. Over time, your site will occupy a good position in search queries and new customers can find you without any ads that cost not cheap.

1.helps to save customers

If all your customers are on social networks, there is a great risk of losing them. The site will help stop the total loss of customers. Even if the accounts in social networks are blocked, clients will always be able to get access to the site and order. And in the site management system you will always keep in touch with your customers and you will be able to contact them at any time.

2. Promotions and Sales

The site is much easier to organize the sale of goods-customers do not need to write in private messages and send samples of costumes to find out what is available. In the online store, customers will instantly familiarize themselves with the dimension table, choose the desired model, color and delivery method. And you will receive an email with all the information about the order. It is convenient for both buyers and sellers.

Online store is easy to use tools to develop sales that will help increase revenue. For example, you can run stocks, newsletters by email, show items at different angles, automatically recommend additional products, create discounts, promo codes, and more. Separate sections of special conditions for frequent customers, terms of payment and delivery also strongly affect sales. The site is a personal assistant in the shop, which will prompt, advise and accept orders.

3.helps to work with orders

Messages in Messenger can be lost, emails sometimes get into spam or customers will not wait for an answer and buy in another place where responded faster. In the case of an online store, the buyer will receive a letter of your order and wait for your call and confirmation. Messages about new orders from the site will also be sent to you, your manager or your assistant and saved in the site management system. You can view the order history and analyze the sales at any time.

4. Gives access to analytics

Analysis of the results of the work done, advertising campaigns and sales is an important component on the way to success. Thanks to the marketing tools built into the site, you will see what actions and banners are working, where your buyers came from and a lot of other information that will help you increase sales or draw attention to the project. Thus, you will be able to spend your advertising budgets only on those channels that really bring you profit. 

5. Increases the level of service

Your customers can find information at any time-a big plus, but do not limit yourself to this. Working with customers does not stop at the time of sale-he may have questions about the use of the product or he will want to know more about it. This will help you create simple and direct product descriptions, add online support and create a page that answers frequently asked questions. For example, if you are selling jewelry, publish articles with tips and advice on how to care for them, if you are selling food then culinary recipes. Sincere care and desire to help reach the heart of the most strict buyer.

6. Helps Collect feedback

Ask on the feedback page whether your customer is satisfied with the purchase, what his wishes are. This will help to increase loyalty and turn customers into a permanent buyer. And new site visitors will always see customer reviews before they buy.

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