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Rules for buyers

Buylocal is an environment that helps self-employed, sole proprietors and legal entities to realize the dream of a successful business and forms a complex ecosystem with products and services for it, to increase efficiency business and reduce the cost of attracting customers.

The transaction involves a Buyer who has read the description and made sure that the product or service is suitable, and a Seller who has put the product or service on the site.

Each product and service is moderated manually by the Service Administration

The Service is not responsible for inconveniences/problems with the Buyer, in case of non-fulfillment The seller of their obligations. In the event of a conflict or dispute between The Buyer and Seller, the Administration of the service reserves the right to consider the arguments of each of the parties and make a sole decision on the problem that has arisen.

We undertake to moderate each product and service and respond to any complaints from the Buyer, thereby protecting his rights.

How to use the service and where to start?

1. Select the section you need: Manufactured goods, Foodstuffs, Services

2. Sort the offers with a filter.

3. Open the offer card and read the information on it.

4. If there are additional questions about the selected product. you can contact (clickable inscription "contact the seller") immediately with the seller and clarify questions. Correspondence with the Seller gives you have the opportunity to communicate directly, ask questions or solve any problems you have problems, all correspondence is saved, the Administration of the service reserves the right to use it as a solution to any disagreements.

5. Click "buy" to make an offer, or contact the seller in another way.

There is a rating system in our system, it is a seller rating and a product rating

The seller's rating is based on reviews that can be left only by those users who bought the product, and this review directly relates to the seller.

Product rating is a rating based on a review of the product itself. It can be left without registration in the system, but a receipt is required for confirmation.

Reviews play a key role, positive reviews about the product cannot be screwed up, only the person who made the purchase can leave a review.

Based on the reviews, you can create your own independent opinion and idea about the product itself and quality, as well as about the integrity of the Seller as a whole.

The review should not contain: negative statements towards the seller, insults, advertising of other third-party services. The review should contain a clear statement of the problem.

How does the delivery happen?

Please note that the goods are delivered and paid for directly by the seller bypassing the site. Each Seller determines these conditions himself and you can discuss it with him.

How does the payment happen?

Payment on the site is disabled. The service does not provide such services at the moment. Payment methods are formed directly by the Seller himself.

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