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Festival "I lived today..."

Festival "I lived today..."
Festival "I lived today..."
Festival "I lived today..."
Festival "I lived today..."
Festival "I lived today..."
Festival "I lived today..."
Locality Тюмень
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Group Festival
Festival "I lived today..."
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Conducting an ethnographic festival program in the fresh air for 2 days, full of master classes in archery, historical fencing, knife throwing , the history of weapons, the study and manufacture of folk costumes and other craft areas.

Project Description:
In the culture of any people of Siberia, a man is, first of all, a warrior, a defender. These qualities were fundamental both in the family and in society.

In different periods of history, men learned to own weapons from early childhood. A long time in Siberia's most relevant weapon, in defense, in hunting and in attack, was the bow. They learned to own it from the age of 7 (the first psychological period of self-awareness). And at the age of 9 , the boy was already responsible for not only for their actions, but for their kind, and sometimes for the state.
Men who did not choose the profession of a warrior made bows and arrows with their own hands, uniforms and protective equipment. Women did not sew clothes for the defenders, they embroidered protective signs, they were a reliable support for their spouse, man, and family.
Revival of historical archery, holding a mass ethno-folklore festival with a series of master classes (in different formats) with a real immersion in the historical environment causes a lively interest and finds a response from the population. Such events have been successfully held for a long time in different regions, for example in Bashkiria, Altai and other cities and countries abroad.
Historical archery, historical fencing, knife throwing are closely related to culture and the traditions of their nationality and neighbors -nationalities living nearby and peaceful life. Warrior any nation is inseparable from its kind, family, society..

Therefore , the study of the bow , historical fencing , the history of weapons, local history, classes with them they are inextricably linked with the study of the national costume and even its small parts - the saadak, sarafan, caftan,quiver, kalfak, povoynik, etc.
The festival consists of a series of lectures, master classes, seminars, theatrical performances

by directions:

  1. The peoples of Siberia - their world and diversity
  2. Tatars and peoples of Siberia
  3. About the Cossacks of Siberia
  4. Shooting from historical bows, the history of the bows of the peoples of Siberia
  5. Manufacture of leather armor
  6. Fundamentals of leather - making saadaks and quivers
  7. Folk costume and crafts of Siberia
  8. Paths- roads of Siberia

Main directions: shooting with historical bows, historical fencing, knife throwing and reconstruction of historical events of the period of development of Siberia.
In addition, thematic publications on the Internet (texts, photos, videos) on history are planned costumes, the manufacture and history of folk costume, the history of weapons of the peoples of Siberia.

On May 1-2, the festival will be held on the territory of the Forest Pond Voynovka public park in Tyumen.

For two days in the fresh air with the invitation of masters, experts and practitioners in all these areas.

The platforms of the peoples of Siberia represent the peoples (Tatars, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Cossacks, Khanty, mansi and others)

Site-shooting gallery Altyn Uk. Tyumen

Military-historical reconstruction Seminar on the history of bows, small arms "From squeaking to machine gun" .

Master classes:

  • historical archery
  • airsoft weapons
  • skill games and accuracy

Forge-Museum of HistoricalreconstructionTugulymsky world.

Master classes: · forging spears, arrows, arrowheads; · rope weaving; · furrier works; · hiking and restoration work in the field

Than Military History Club.

1. Master classes on making leather armor; 2. Workshop on armor (elements of manufacture lemmas, bracers); 3. photo zone.

Steel mill.

  1. Throwing knives
  2. Conversations around the campfire on historical topics

Concert venue

  1. Nikolai Eme6lin and the brothers "My Homeland Siberia" performed by Sergei Rykov, the ensemble of the Cossack song "Lava" .
  2. Representatives of other nationalities of Siberia

Children, teenagers up to 14 years old admission is free.

questions by phone: 89523412153

registration fee (for payment of organizational expenses-hiring of personnel, advertising, organization of sites, etc.) from an adult (from 14 years old) for every day 1000 rubles , 2 days of the program

Additional services will be presented at the sites.

payment of the registration fee only according to the details provided by Starikova O.M.

discounts are provided for collective applications

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