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- service for the development of SO NPOs, SMEs and the Self-employed through comprehensive support and assistance in the promotion and sale of products in the region, in the Russian Federation and abroad
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Everything important in one place

BuyLocal unites Residents, Businesses (Self-employed, sole proprietors, legal entities) and the State in one place.

- Save money and time by using a filter in the catalog of the entire region

- Buy from trusted suppliers of goods and services directly without intermediaries

- Buy immediately or by pre-order

- Leave feedback on the purchased goods or services and share them on social networks

- Participate in the life of the region with your voice

- Offer your ideas to improve the quality of life and the urban environment

- Freely collect money for your projects

- and others


- Everything is like in an online store - open a new sales channel in a few minutes

- Freely exhibit and sell your goods and services without communication restrictions

- Unite the audience of your social networks and messengers with a single link and communicate directly

- Use a convenient and profitable service for all parties, and reduce the cost of pure performance marketing

- Register a personal account with maximum functionality without hidden fees

- Sell wholesale. retail or on order, with prices for categories of buyers

- Advertise your products and services linked to your news articles

- Attract business investments freely and without commissions


- Formation of a positive image of the city/village and its tourist and investment attractiveness

- Solving social problems

- Getting additional space for activities

- Strengthening loyalty and authority among residents and attracting new participants

- Attraction of additional financing

- Expanding the target audience

- Increasing the level of loyalty and social optimism of citizens

- Prevention and resolution of urban planning, social and economic conflicts

- Formation of loyal and constructive relations with urban elites

- Increasing the investment attractiveness of the city/village

- Attraction of additional financing for the implementation of projects

- Formation of a loyal urban community

- and others .

Social direction

Registration via the Internet
involvement of residents, public organizations and professional communities in the agenda of territorial transformation, stimulation and support of public project initiatives, development of leaders of urban and rural communities.
Creative industries
digital infrastructure and technologies for the development of creative industries, including personnel training, popularization of cultural heritage, development of crafts, involvement of the population in creative activities and implementation of creative entrepreneurial projects.
Silver Economy
improving the quality of life and maintaining the economic activity of citizens of pre-retirement and retirement age, allowing them to realize human capabilities and meet the needs of the market of services for the elderly
Orphaned children
improving the social adaptation of pupils by identifying their preferences/interests/ hobbies and offering options for the implementation of their requests
Inclusive economy
employment and employment support for persons with disabilities, creation of working conditions for such categories of citizens
Green Economy
digital solutions in the field of ecology to improve the environment, reduce carbon and polluting emissions, increase energy and resource efficiency

Service Partners

informal communities and associations, HOA, CBT, general education, art, sports schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, theaters, art galleries, churches, NGOs, newspapers, magazines, television, self-employed, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, large corporations, developers, experts in the field of urban planning, architecture, urban studies, urban economics, history, culture, archeology, arborists, environmentalists, urban defenders, service organizations, builders, regional and federal authorities, deputies of local self-government, regional competence centers for the formation of a comfortable urban environment, etc.
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